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Changes for late breakers 2015-01-02 13:07:02
Server 1
To facilitate the start for late breakers, some features have been added. Quoted from our wiki:

"To facilitate getting started for players registering later in the game (or re-starters), the buildings' extension levels increase according to the game progression. Castles remain at level I, all other building levels increase by one each 50 ticks. Additionally, after 50 ticks starting buildings will also include a Thieves' Guild, a Heroes' Shrine, and a Laboratory. After 100 tick, you will also receive a Gold Mine. Furthermore each passed turn, the starting amount of resources is increased by 0.8 % for new players; similarly, the number of people on the starting fields is increased by 0.2 % for each tick. The size of the starting army increases for new players in later turns as well. When starting after tick 50 you will also get a certain amount of science points, which you can distribute between the different research paths."
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