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1h tick theme age S1 starts Oct, 4th 2017-10-04 14:42:15
Server 1
On Wednesday, Octobre 4th at 7pm CET, server 1 starts with the new theme map "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations".
We find ourselves in the 10th century after Christ. Europe is in the deep middle age. The Roman Empire is in decline. A new era is beginning in Europe.
Nevertheless, Rome, the incarnation of power, wealth and glory, is on everyone's lips and in the thoughts of several monarchs.
The strength, the Roman Empire achieved in the past, should be possible for others again. "We can do this, too! Under my lead, a new empire will arise. An empire more powerful than Rome..." - Will it be for real?

The map is close to reality. Do you know the middle european landscape? Your starting point will be located in a historical region. Look for the flag associated to your starting region and assign it to your player profile.
There will be about 60 starting points on the map. Pastures to the north, mountains to the south. Can you cope with this challenge?
Build colonies far away from your homeland. Make use of the rivers. Watch the markets, as the prices for the several goods will fluctuate.
Make use of what you have plenty to get goods, that are rare to you. The empires in the center of europe are blessed, but will have many enviers.
There are a few, strategically valuable fords - defend them! They are the road to your success.

This age will last for 1900 ticks - at 60min duration.
Have fun and glorious battles!
Yours Lands&Lords-Adminteam
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Server 1
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