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No title 2008-04-27 12:03:57
Server 1
This feature ist now also available on S3.

Please take part in the related poll in the forum.

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No title 2008-05-25 16:17:48
Server 1
From now on there is for spies the new action "shadow army" on all three servers.

A spy can be firmly connected by this action with an own or an allied army.
The shadowing can be stopped by giving a new course to the spy.
No title 2008-05-28 22:16:40
Server 1
Some more details about the new espionage function "Shadow army":

1) Armys are now sorted by owner first, then by name.

2) If an army is shattered/destroyed, the shadowing by a spy is canceled 8red lamp). Nothing happens to the spy himself.

3) If an army is repelled, the spy moves within the same tick, if his owner's turn takes place after the battle. If the owner's turn was before the battle, the spy moves the following tick. Please note that the order of the player's turns during the ticks are random in each tick.

4) Shadowin spies are not loaded onto ships together with their respective army automatically. If an army is loaded, the spy will follow the army with his own little boat. If the spy is loaded onto the ship, the shadowing is canceled and needs to be restarted after the spy was unloaded from the ship.

5) the speed of a spy is always just 1. If the spy is shadowing an army of horsemen (with speed 2), the army will leave the spy behind.

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When your ally leader is killed... 2008-05-31 18:12:56
Server 3
On S3 the following changes apply:

If you ally leader is killed or deletet because of inactivity, the ally will not be deleted, but the second most powerful ally member will automatically become the new ally leader. Armies will only be broken if they stand on a field of the deleted player.

Ongoing changes in your diplomacy (e.g. terminating an ally membership) will not be affected.

This change will be applied to S1 and S2 in the next ages, respectively.

*** This text was edited at 2008-05-31 18:13:22 by klony.
No title 2008-07-07 23:14:19
Server 3
S1 and S3:

From now on the conquer of a castle yields besides a proportionate part of the ressources from the enemy's stock and research funds also a proportionate part of the alliance depot (if the enemy is a member of an alliance).

This change will be applied to S2 when next age will start.
No title 2008-07-13 21:48:34
Server 1
For S1 and S3:

The rate for dying population due to starvation is reduced on grain fields, bakeries, and mills compared to other fields. That allows the food production to remain less affected by starvation.

This change will be propagated to S2 when the next age starts.
No title 2008-08-09 11:10:30
Server 1
Now on S3 and later with the new ages on S1/S2 too.

1. expose spy - remains unchanged

2. Posion wells - no XP gain

3. Propaganda - no XP gain

4. Infiltrate - Experience is only awarded if the castle is not already infiltrated currently. It is not of relevance who infiltrated the castle.

5. Sabotage - Experience is only awarded if the field is not already sabotaged currently. It is not of relevance who sabotaged the field.

6. Impede Advance - Xp is only awarded for larger armies and depends on the previous exhaustion of the army. (100% XP for 0 exhaustion, 0% for 50 exhaustion or higher).

7. Assassinate General - XP is only awarded for the death of a reffler or higher ranked general. The awarded XP is independent of the rank of the killed general.

8. Declare War - when a war is declared during an already running change of the diplomatic stance, 8 ticks are added towards the current countdown.
No title 2008-08-31 19:17:11
Server 2
Changes on S1 and S2:

All changes in the spy experience s mentioned in the previous posting. In addition, spies do not receive experience if they win a fight after exposure, but their owners are not at war.

Additional new stuff on S1:

Now it is possible to refit ships:
- Expansion of cargo space after the research item "Enhanced shipping space" has been researched.
- Addition or removal of masts, catapults, or Greek Fire
- changes in the staff

However, the type of the ship can't be changed.

Also, ships can be renamed now.
No title 2008-09-18 18:40:08
Server 3
There is but a small change on S3 for the new age:

For the calculation of the loss of honor in a war, only 5% of the score of those alliance partners that are not at war with the same enemy are factored in (instead of 10% as currently on S1 and S2).
Premium account Payment options 2008-10-25 17:39:05
Server 1
Premium accounts can now be purchased via Pay Pal.
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