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No title 2009-06-28 21:43:54
Server 2
Dear players,

because S1 and S2 are still in early ticks, change (2) has now been introduced on these two servers as well.

So please note that ships that are automatically damages are destroyed when their damage gets too high - on S1, S2, and S3.
No title 2009-07-31 21:09:34
Server 2
For the Age on S3:

Spy actions *** outside a war *** can not be executed when the possible loss of honour ( as seen under "diplomacy" ) is more than -3.

As an exception:
An allymember has war with a "victim".
Then the allymembers can make spyactions like always without war,
in order that allymembers should/can help each other.

This changes will be implemented when the next age on S1 and S2 starts.

*** This text was edited at 2009-08-05 20:52:34 by Siegfried.II.
No title 2009-09-23 21:39:01
Server 2
We have changed the rules concerning loot fields, due to the experience that conquering these fields often is misused.

The following changes will be applied with the new age on server 2:

Just like now, fields, which belonged to a defeated player, are blocked 100 ticks for all players that were not at war with him. For those players these fields are marked red.

Players who were at war with the defeated player can conquer loot fields for an additional 100 ticks. All in all for 200 ticks after annihilation of the enemy at the loss of honour during the war.

If the conquering player does not reach 714k points during the 200 ticks limit until he can conquer the remaining loot fields for the loss of honour he had during the war UNTIL he reaches the honor boundary for conquering  neutral fields ( = 714k points).
After the mentioned 200 ticks or reaching 714k points, loot fields cost as much honour as regular neutral fields for the conquering player.

That means that every opponent of war has (a minimum) 200 ticks to conquer fields of an annihilated player at the costs of honour during the war.
But a player can never conquer loot fields of his defeated enemy without loosing honour if the war itself was not honourable from the beginning, even after the mentioned 200 ticks and not reaching 714k points.

These changes will be applied with the next age starts on S1 and S3.
No title 2009-11-12 00:19:48
Server 2
New for the starting age on S3:

Upon demolition of a harbour, ship construction and ship modification are stopped.
Ship repair goes on normally.

If Ship construction is stopped by harbour demolition, 90% of the resources are refunded.

This change will be applied on the S1 and S2 servers at the start of the next age.
No title 2009-12-05 13:51:15
Server 1
Spies who have got an order for shadowing are now shown with a blue light.
No title 2009-12-19 19:28:28
Server 1
Changes on S3:

Exposing spies, those owners are at peace:

If a player exposes a spy of his peace-partner on his lands, that spy is expelled without a combat, just as before.
The spy action "expose spy" can't be executed any longer on the lands of a peace-partner.

On all other fields, a combat takes plays if a spy exposes another spy, irrespective of the diplomatic stance of the involved players.

These changes will be applied to S1 and S2 when the new ages start there.
No title 2010-01-03 20:17:51
Server 3
From now on it is possible to disable blacksmiths in castles - on all 3 servers -.
No title 2010-01-04 18:34:31
Server 1
Implemented on S1:

The following changes were introduced to the heroes:

In principle, the basic hero abilities stay the same. Only the "master archer" is slightly enhanced. However, we merged some of the heroes: "combat engineer" + "sapper" become "castle master", and "guerilla fighter" + "ranger" become "resistance fighter".
Therefore, the assortment is reduced by two types. There are now the following types of heroes, which, like before, appear at random in a free heroes' shrine:
Master Strategist, Born Leader, Master Archer, Swordmaster, Outstanding Cavalier, Mighty Warrior, Healer, Tactician, Castle Master and Resistance Fighter.

New Abilities:

Now there are main abilities (abilities of the heroes' types) and new extra abilities. As before, the total level of a hero is determined by his experience. This total level is then distributed among the main ability and the extra abilities.
The hero starts with an total level of 11. His main ability is pre-set to level 10. The 11th level can be used for getting an extra ability at level 1, or as the 11th level of the main ability. The main ability can be raised up to level 20 and the extra abilities usually up to level 5 (the extra ability "Scout" only up to level 3).
The single levels of the extra abilities become available one at a time. This was implemented to prevent that extra abilities are immediately pushed to level 5. The 1st levels of extra abilities are available when the total level reaches 11 (directly at the beginning), the 2nd level in the same extra ability with total level 15, the 3rd level with total level 20, 4th level with total level 25, and the 5th level with total level 30 of the hero. This means: when the hero achieves total level 12, you can get a new extra ability level 1, or increase the main ability by one level. At total level 15, you can decide to enhance an extra ability to level 2, to select a new level 1 extra ability, or to upgrade the main ability.
In the past, the hero skilled by himself after the combat. Now you have to select each new level when reaching the next total level of the hero. This means, if there are multiple combats after which the hero gets to the next level, the main ability is not increased automatically, but remains at the old level when calculating the combat value.
In the PopUp of the hero, you can see the range of abilities. „+“ indicates that you can choose a new extra ability, a „green arrow“ that you can increase an existing ability. A green arrow in the unit summery also indicated that new levels can be distributed.

The abilities and combinations:

  • Ambush -> increases the combat power on mountains and wood (+1.2 each level)

  • Negate -> reduces malus of horsemen in wood and mountains (2 for each level)

  • Builder -> Construction is faster and cheaper on the current field of the hero (per level 10% faster / cheaper). The hero must stand on the field at the time the order for construction is given (after the order he can leave the field)

  • Healer -> reduces the casualties of the army by 1.5% each level

  • Might -> increases combat value +1 each level

  • Purser -> reduces the pay of his army (10% for each level)

  • Regeneration -> reduces the exhaustion caused by the battle by 3% for each level. This has no influence on the exhaustion caused by the population (= population/100)

  • Influence -> enhances militia, i.e. increases the value of militia by 5 for each level

  • Scout -> the army's range of sight is increased (like lighthouse, max. 3 level = 3 fields)

  • Engineer -> increases the combat value in castle battles (defence or attack; +1.33 each Level)

  • Blessing -> increases the moral (+1 each level)

  • Blacksmith -> increase of the weapons quality (+1 each level)

  • Crusader -> increases the combat power of horsemen

  • Glory -> raises the probability that new recruits can be won from the population of a newly conquered field (1-5% of the militia / level). This does not apply for armies which consist solely of horsemen. These new recruits have 40 XP and are 2/3 swordsmen and 1/3 archers (like militia).

  • Transport -> the number of units needed for the transport of siege towers and trebuchets is reduced (each level 10% less units)

  • Armorer -> quicker gain of unit experience (+1.5% each level)

  • Swordmaster -> enhances the value of swordsmen

  • Bowyer -> raises the fighting power of the archers. The limit for the at most usable archer's portion of an army rises by 1.5% per level. The effect of the light support fire is slightly increased.

  • Leader -] quicker gain of experience for the generals (+2% each )

  • Exceptions:
    For the hero types Master Archer, Swordmaster, Outstanding Cavalier, Mighty Warrior, the following extra abilities are not available, because of the strength of their main abilities:

  • Swordmaster: Bowyer, Might, Crusader

  • Mighty Warrior: Swordmaster, Bowyer, Crusader

  • Master Archer: Swordmaster, Might, Crusader

  • Outstanding Cavalier: Swordmaster, Bowyer, Might

  • *** This text was edited at 2010-01-04 21:49:46 by Hamilton.
    No title 2010-02-05 18:46:13
    Server 1
    Changes regarding the map:

    1. The borders between neighbors are now displayed blue.

    2. The fog of war now displays buildings, the flag of the owner, the type of field (wood, plain, mountain) and the borders between players.

    These changes are implemented starting this age on S3 and also on S1 and S2 as soon as the new age starts.

    *** This text was edited at 2010-02-13 17:25:30 by brainiac.
    No title 2010-02-06 23:01:52
    Server 3

    brainiac wrote at 2010-02-05 18:46:13

    1. The borders between neighbors are now displayed blue.

    Displaying the border can now be disabled in settings.

    *** This text was edited at 2010-02-13 17:26:13 by brainiac.
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