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No title 2010-03-13 09:51:42
Server 1
A comfortable change available from now on on all servers:

Mountains can be explored directly via the menu events by selecting the designated mountains. Expolring will be started by clicking the button "upgrade fields"
No title 2010-05-21 20:31:53
Server 1
Implemented starting this S1, S3 and S4, as well as next start on S2:

The honour is not being calculated within the first tick of war anymore, instead with the tick of the declaration of war.
Relevant for the honour is the value indicated in the diplomacy menu. If the honour changes due to a shortly before declared war by another player, a popup with a warning notice will appear.

In the diplomacy popup is shown the inverse value of honour of oneself and the ally members (that means the possible honour loss another player has in case of war).

If players of one alliance conquer a field together, every player gains or loses the owing amount of honour according to the amount displayed in the diplomacy menu irrespective from who owns the field after the attack. This counts for castles as well as regular fields.
There are no changes to the rule who actually conquers the field: If players of an alliance attack together, the owner of the field from which the attack has taken place gets the field. If the attack from different fields took place, it is decided by chance.

The hero builder has no effect on demolishing buildings anymore.

Demolishing time is not being reduced anymore b y the research of building time research 15% and 30%.

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No title 2010-05-30 13:56:09
Server 4
Another change on S1, S3 and S4 as well as the new age on S2:

It is only possible to tear down a certain amount of buildings simultaneously.

up to 100 fields: 1
101 up to 200 fields: 2
201 up to 500 fields: 3
from 500 fields on: 4

If you want to tear down a building, although the limit is reached, the following notice will appear:

your workers cannot tear down anymore buildings at the moment. All teams are used to capacity right now.

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new research branches 2011-01-06 20:41:42
Server 1
the new research branches can be looked up by following this link:


Again we are very sorry, that right now only the german Wiki is available and apology for any inconvenience.
Combat positions for ships 2012-09-11 22:44:42
Server 5
As of now, the number of ships per combat line in ship battles can be specified. You can set between 10 and 100 ships per combat line. If more than the speified numbers of ships take part in the battle, an additional line of ships is placed behind the first one (the regular V-shaped arrangement).
The setting of the aggressor or defender is used in the battle (which might be different within an ally!).
No title 2013-12-20 10:36:42
Server 1
To further strengthen the alliance we have made for the new Age on S3 the following changes:

The strongest Allyspieler counts 100%, then 75% and 50%.

H & F Bonus has been increased to +10% per Allypartner (maximum possible bonus +35%)

Maybe so the Alliance will somewhat attractive again
No title 2014-03-14 21:43:16
Server 2
Starting with the upcoming Deathmatch on Server 4, from now on the following changes will apply for all new ages:

1. Loss of honor due to battle at sea
If a war is fought with loss of honor, the agressor loses as much honor as for taking regular fields of the opponent for each sunk ship in battle.

2. Adjustments on the the influence of honor
With a loss of honor beneath 1000 points, each point honor results in a loss of resources of 0.1% of the resources.
With a gain of honor above 1000 points, each point honor equals a gain of 0.5% of resources.

3. Simplification of the honor calculation
As before, the points of all members of an alliance will be counted together. The pints of the strongest member will count 100%, the points of the second strongest will count 75% and the points of the third strongest will count 50%.
Regarding additional wars or declarations of war against an aggressor or defender of an existing war, the points of the oponnent will be added 100% to the points of the new agressor.

4. Changes in diplomacy
Alliances have a minimum duration of 300 ticks. A unilateral withdrawal from the alliance takes 150, a consensual 100 ticks (alliances can thus be resolved at the earliest after 200 ticks).
While dissolving, an alliance can not declare war.

The adjustments will be edited in the manual/wiki as soon as possible. We are very sorry that we have difficulties to keep up with an updated english version.

If you have questions don´t hesitate to contact our team.

*** This text was edited at 2014-03-14 21:50:10 by brainiac.
No title 2015-09-27 16:41:18
Server 1
"select all" and "select none" buttons have been added to the load/unload menu for ships lying in the harbor. This will facilitate loading and unloading of large numbers of spies and armies.
Changes Long Ages v4.1 2015-12-30 14:36:49
Server 2
Changes Long Ages v4.1, first on S1 and S2:

- Bonus for positive honor values has been reduced
- Trade & science agreement bonus per ally has been increased to 15% (previously 10%)
- Maximum bonus for further trade & science increased to +20% (previously 15%)
- Total maximum bonus equals +50% now (previously +35%) (not taking honor into account)
- Novel vaccation mode protects from attacks (see detail in our wiki)
- Novel, convenient battle calculator
- Spacing between starting positions have been increased by 4 fields
- Minimum amount for free fields around the starting position has been increased to 40 (previously 18)
- Cost for spearmen were reduced
- Size of the map automatically increase when more than 90% of free fields are occupied
- Limit for conquering neutral fields without honor loss has been increased to 1600 (warriors) and 2000 (settlers)
- Substantial improvements for late breakers:

at turn 50: 1 Thieves' Guild, 1 Laboratoy, 1 Heroes Shrine (like previously)
at turn 100: 1 Goldmine (like previously), 1 Thieves' Guild, 1 Heroes Shrine
at turn 200: 1 Heroes Shrine
at turn 300: 1 Heroes Shrine
each Heroes Shrine comes with a heroe ready to use: level = 11+1 additional level per 100 turns (max. level 30)
for every 100 turns 1 additional level for your castle + 1 additional starting army (max. 6)
for every 100 turns 1 additional level for your generals  (max. +12 levels = Kordant)
for every 100 turns 1 additional spy  (max.l 10)
Bugfix 2016-04-16 18:51:55
- fixed wrong xp values after some ship battles
- fixed xp values of armies > 180

In general, the maximum xp for all types of units (spies, armies, ships) is 180.
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