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News concering the premium account 2009-01-12 09:22:31
Server 1
The following new features are now available to premium account holders:

You may label all fields (your own as well as foreign and neutral fields). This label is shown in the "Events" and "Area Selection", even if the field is hidden by the Fog of War.
Here is an example: http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/8273/premlabelaj4.png

All production sites, which can be disabled (Armouries and paddocks; and now also iron smelters, stone masons, and saw mills), may now be disabled/enabled in a convenient way by selecting all the respective fields under "Events".
-> This function is already avaialbe on S3 and will arrive on S1 and S3 with the start of the new age.

The new premium features for the chat ("Ignore"-button and remembering the status of the "Ally"-checkbox) are already described in the News-Thread "News concerning the Chat".

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No title 2009-02-01 14:18:37
Server 1
New features for premium players:

- Premium star, avatar and premium smileys can be switched off under "Settings".

- Premium players have popups under "market" with graphical illustrations of the price development.

- On the world map, for premium players the positions of all present visible armies and ships are shown: own (blue), allied (magenta), ememy (red), neutral (white), of partners in peace or NAP (green).

Test a 3-day full featured premium account for free now!

Get your free 3-day premium account trial by pressing the button in the settings menue.
A description of all premium features you can find in the manual, page Premium account.

We wish much fun with the trial prem!

No title 2009-11-29 23:26:47
Server 1
Another new premium feature:

Players with premium account can can see the development of their own score in a diagramme: points for fields, population, ships, army, spies and research.

The diagramme is shown in the ranking list on the left of the player's name.
No title 2010-02-07 15:09:48
Server 3
New premium feature available this S3 and next ages on S1 an S2:

From now on all notes on castles, guilds and harbors can be looked up in the Train Army, Build Ship and espionage menu.
That means that by by giving those fields "names" you don´t have to remind the coordinates anymore. So e.g. you can be sure to train your recruits in the right castle.
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