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Lands and Lords goes Wiki 2011-01-06 20:39:49
Server 1
Dear community,

we have tranferred the manual in newly founded Wiki. Right now we only have a german version, but we are about to translate ist for our english speaking players. We are sorry for the delay and we we will hurry to give you the opportunity to use the Wiki as good as all german speaking players. You can find the german Wiki through this link:


In future aevery player can make changes, new sites as well as post strategys and tipps. You are invited to registrate with you LaL nick and after a short support message to the admin team you will be enlisted in the list of players who have the privilege to have advanced rights within the Wiki and who can make the named changes.

For starters the upload from pics won´t be possible as well deleting sites. On the existing sites only smaller mistakes should be maked, like spelling and so on. Bigger changes should be made with consultation of the admin team.

There shouldn´t be a re-editing or re-delering of contributions made by other players. Discussion sites can be uses to discuss certain changes.
If there are any problems we will evoke rights to be part of our Wiki.

We are looking forward to your participation!
No title 2011-09-11 11:51:00
Server 5
And there is also the English wiki, of course:


That Wiki is lacking some pictures, but the information itself is complete. Please feel free to register and edit the Wiki yourself!
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