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Java Map on MacOS 2011-09-29 23:31:03
Server 2
Dear friends,

the Java Map is now also available on MacOS. This was tested on MacOS 10.4.11 with Java 1.5 using Safari and FireFox 3.16.

You will have to select "Java (Safari, Opera, etc)" in the settings.

There are a few minor changes to the Java Map for Windows and Mac because of this:

1) to perform a horizontal scroll of the map with the mouse wheel, you now have to hold the "ALT" key while moving the mouse wheel

2) when the "ALT" key is pressed, any mouse click on the map will open the field popup or army popup. This allows users with a one-button mouse to use the Java Map. On Windows, mouse clicks without the "ALT" key will work as before (left button: open field menu in browser, right button: open popup, middle button and SHIFT-left button: open field menu in new tab). On MacOS, the left button will open the field menu in the browser. The right button (if it exists) should open the popup; I was not able to test as I don't have an appropriate mouse for Mac. The middle button and the SHIFT-left button should not do anything.

Please report any problems with the map in der Supportforum.


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