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L&L is looking for lyrics/writer 2014-02-26 22:58:12
Server 2
Dear players

For web sites, forums or simply internally, Lands & Lords needs texts about everything that you can write about L&L: war reports, history, game descriptions, experiences of a newby or and old-timer... no matter if short or elaborate... from the point of view of a settler or a warmonger... lyrically or enthralling...

The copyright would remain with you - we just ask for the permission to use, and of course our right to correct orthography, grammar and, if necessary, severe mistakes in content.

Your stories will be reviewed and evaluated by the admin team.
The three best texts will get rewarded with premium accounts!

1st place: premium for 6 months
2nd place: premium for 3 months
3rd place: premium for 1 month

Deadline for submissions: September 30th 2016

Submission to: Morwen@landsandlords.de

Get started and glorious battles!


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