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S2 long age 3h ticks since Jan 14th 2017-03-30 22:14:32
Server 2
Dear players,

On Server 2 is running a long age with 2920 ticks since January 14th! The game is played on the Euroboard designed by Whitecougar. The fertility and resources of the fields have been set in the usual output by chance. 52% land area, 57% meadows, 31% forests and 12% mountains. The starting fields are predefined and are oriented to important cities of the modern age. 68 starting points are available. In the beginning you have more free space around the starting point. The duration of tick is 3 hours.
The game is currently on round 593, so the most fun is still to come. It is possible to join the game at any time as a late starter, cause the upgrades and resources adapt to the current game start.

Have much fun and glorious battles,
L & L Admin Team

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Server 1
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