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Welcome 2009-06-09 19:34:02
Server 1
Welcome to the Lands and Lords guest forum !!!

You are new here and would like to take a quick look? Check out the demo-server! The link can be found on the start page.
Access to our game's internal forum will be open to you after you registered. If you have any question before registration, you are welcome to ask them here in the guest forum.

But every player is welcome in the the guest forum!

We'd be happy to welcome you on one of our three servers, or even all of them.

The LaL-Team wishes you lots of fun and success!
I'd like to mention one small (but important) point:

-> Permitted <-
It is permitted to register one account on each server.

-> Not Permitted <-
It is not permitted to register multiple accounts on one single server.
This also applies to players that share a single network connection. In that case, they can contact the admin-team by sending a support query (in the menu "messages" and request the official status and special rules for multi-players.

Now, into the battle!
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